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Friday, April 08, 2005

How Murray Rothbard Single-Handedly Brought Down the Saigon Government with Malice Aforethought

I. Deaths of States

Rothbard the “Pro-Communist”

In 1975, Murray Rothbard penned two essays on the fall of the Saigon government, a government largely invented, bankrolled, and sustained by the United States. This invention was part of the American project of incorporating Southeast Asia into a kind of US-directed “Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.” [1] The US had of course objected, in the 1930s, to the Japanese version of such a project.

The two articles on the collapse of the Republic of South Vietnam have caused much angst among those conservatives and libertarians who never managed to question any important assumptions about the Cold War. This angst reverberates down the halls of time. Its echo, for some reason, is with us still.

by Joseph R. Stromberg


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I'll take my stand

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