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Saturday, March 26, 2005

We Choose Our Friends So Well! - Rick

From the BBC: Religious extremism in Pakistan 'growing'

'Cold-blooded murder'
The report says the government has in fact been implicitly backing radical Islamists by not taking action.
It has accused clerics of propagating vicious hatred which it says has often resulted in harassment and cold-blooded murder.
According to the report, members of an offshoot Islamic sect, the Ahmadis, who have been declared as non-Muslim by the authorities, are often targeted by radical Muslim leaders.

An independent human rights group in Pakistan has accused the government of being a "silent spectator" to the rise in religious extremism.
In its annual report, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan blamed Islamic extremists for an upsurge in violence against religious minorities and women.
The reports says women in rural Pakistan are often killed by relatives for tarnishing the family name.


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I'll take my stand

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