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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bush likens Saddam's fall to end of Berlin Wall

FORT HOOD, Texas -- President Bush yesterday likened the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad two years ago to the fall of the Berlin Wall and called it part of a "global democratic revolution." "Many of you have recently returned from Iraq," Mr. Bush told 25,000 cheering soldiers on a sun-drenched field. "Others are preparing to head out this fall -- some for a second tour of duty." "Whether you're coming or going, you are making an enormous difference for the security of our nation and for the peace of the world," he added. "I came here today to thank you in person for your courageous choice of service." The troops shouted "hooah," their all-purpose expression of approval, and chanted "USA! USA! USA!" They seemed heartened by the president's report that Iraqis are replacing U.S. forces as that country's primary peacekeepers.


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I'll take my stand

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